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About Us


About Us

  • Melih Tekstil is a radical and strong foundation in its market in the knit fabric industry, and it keeps adding value to its customers and the areas of investment with its experience of years and the dynamic crew. 

    Melih Tekstil is founded for the manufacturing of knit fabric and the trade of every kind of textile product, with its experience and knowledge coming from 1994. Since it’s foundation, it earned itself a good place inside its competitors by continuing to grow with its understanding that is customer-centered, innovative and quality.

     Melih Tekstil took it as the highest goal to become a pioneer and a good representative in the sector and the society with its well applied work ethics, meeting with the social responsibilities, respectful employers and employees and the customer relations. Apart from the economical goals, it is a company that is respectful and caring towards it society and it will continue being so.

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Global Organic Textile - GOTS
Global Recycled Standard - GRS
Content Standart
Recycled Blended Claim Standard